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A simple Stellar federation server implementation that uses Cloudflare workers
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Licence Dependencies

A simple Stellar federation server implementation that uses Cloudflare workers.

(Weekly updates: Reddit, Twitter, Keybase, Telegram)


This is a federation server implementation running in the cloud using Cloudflare Workers. It features federated address lookup using a simple addressbook.json file.

The structure of the address book is as follow:

  "hello*": {
    "memo_type": "text",
    "memo": "hello"

The advantage of using Cloudflare is that it offers the lightest - hence cheapest - cloud workers implementation. At that time (2019-12), the first 100k daily requests are free of charge. This is more than enough for most use cases.


This federation server is used by and since mid-2019. It's being used to resolve addresses such as tips* and gils*

You can play with' instance of the worker here: worker preview.


Setup the Federation server

If you're not familiar with Cloudflare Workers, please check the Cloudflare Workers Quick Start Guide first.

Step 1: Clone the Template

wrangler generate federation-server

Step 2: Edit addressbook.json

cd federation-server
nano addressbook.json

Step 3: Setup wrangler.toml

wrangler config

Step 4: Publish

wrangler publish

Link the Federation Server to a Domain

Edit or create the file at https://${domain}/.well-known/stellar.toml and add the following entry:

FEDERATION_SERVER = "${federation_server_url}"

Note: it is possible to use the same federation server for several domains.


Organization: | @GitHub | @NPM

Follow: Reddit | Twitter | Medium | Codepen

Talk: Telegram | Keybase

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