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The website is served directly from the GitHub repository, thanks to CloudFlare CDN. More precisely, what is served is the HEAD of the master branch of the build repository.

You can run this website locally, or run your own fork of the web quite easily.

Integrity check

This web application have a unique property: anybody can check that the website served at https://stellar-authenticator is indeed built from the last sources. It requires git, npm and sh:

git clone
cd webapp-stellar-authenticator
npm run check

The last command will replay the application build and compare the result with what is currently served on the web. If any file differ, it will tell about them and this means that what is served is not what it is supposed to be. If nothing differ, then the integrity check pass and you'll see the following message:

nothing to commit, working directory clean

Run a copy of the Cosmic.Link website

You can run this website locally, or run your own fork on the web quite easily.

Run it locally 1 (download)

You can get an archive of the website at:

Some browsers will accept to run index.html directly (like Firefox), some other won't (like Chrome).

Run it locally 2 (git, npm & live-server)

If you have git and npm, you can serve the website localy:

git clone
cd https-stellar-authenticator
npm install --global live-server

The website should be available at

Serve it on the web

You can serve your own clone of the website on Github simply by forking the repository. Then go to the repository settings and under GitHub Pages select Master as Source. Your clone will be available at:


You can serve it over your own by tweaking the CNAME file and making your domain point to GitHub.

Your fork will get its own storage space in users browser: private keys are properly compartimented.

Tweak it

If you only want to change the way the website display, you can edit the files index.html and main.css of the build repository.

If you want to play with the javascript sources, you need to get them beforehand:

git clone
cd webapp-stellar-authenticator
npm install
npm run get
npm run serve

The changes made to the javascripts files into the src/ directory will be pushed to the website automatically. The changes to the html and css files in the src/ directory have to be manually pushed using:

npm build-html
npm build-css

Remember that the source repository contains the build repository as a submodule at web/. All you'll have to do to publish your modified version of the website is to push this submodule to your own GitHub repository.

Build it

To pack the production version:

npm run format
npm run build

Check build integrity

After building and commiting the last version of your changes, run:

npm run check

The git status should show no modified files.


An application to easily & securely sign Stellar transactions (build)







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