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Function Starter

Cosmic JS Function Starter.

Getting Started

You can run this Function locally for development:

git clone
cd function-starter
npm install
npm run develop


  1. Login to Cosmic JS and go to Your Bucket > Settings > Functions
  2. Add the link to this repo: and click "Install Function"

function.json file properties

Key Type Description
title String Function title
description String Function description (HTML allowed)
image_url String Image thumbnail
repo_url String Function git repo url
env_vars Array key / value for environment variables
routes Array Function routes: properties include path (string), method (string) and cors (bool)

Example function.json file:

  "title": "Function Starter",
  "description": "Cosmic JS Function starter.",
  "image_url": "",
  "repo_url": "",
  "env_vars": [
      "key": "CUSTOM_MESSAGE",
      "value": ""
  "routes": [
      "path": "hello-world",
      "method": "get",
      "cors": true