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CosmicMod GNU/Linux features the latest LTS kernel, stable Plasma desktop and uEFI to support new hardware. Highly optimized for the latest gen Intel/AMD CPUs and GPUs along with Nouveau support. CosmicMod is a Gentoo based distro that can be utilized as a recovery/rescue environment, a true live usb environment, a router OS or as an ideal Gentoo build environment for your own Gentoo build.

See the list of pages in the sidebar for more information.

Thanks to everyone for a show of solidarity and support by idling in our Discord server for the 2021-2022 holiday season.

Stick with this Wiki section. The code section is not relevant for most people it just has scripts for building/compiling the disk image. The fully built disk image is already provided in the releases section of the Wiki. The Wiki also has other useful information.