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Preliminary of DRAGON2 with the various cross section options
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The program DRAGON consists of several files.

In the directory named "data" the data used for cross section computation are stored in some ASCII files.
  Spalation cross sections come from Evoli-2019 (called DRAGON2 default option).
  Antiprotons cross sections come from Winkler-2017.
In the directory "output" the results of the program are stored. DRAGON accepts in input a string that uniquely identifies the run. 
The output is twofold: as an ASCII file and as fits files.

Please ignore the *Dict* files, which are only needed for the printout to be stored in ROOT files.

The driver program can be found in, but the actual core of DRAGON is the the 2 files named "" and 
"include/main_class.h", since in there the C++ class CRevolutor, which takes care of the solution of the diffusion equation, is 
defined and implemented.

The file "" is just an helper. It includes some functions related to the magnetic fields, the turbulence and the gas models, 
that I did not put as class member functions.

As it is customary to see, I put as much information as I could in matrix form, to save computational time. 
It is much easier to look up into a matrix than to call functions, especially for the case of the cross sections.
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