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An Interactive Clojure repl, inspired by IPython.

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Getting started


The simplest way to start with IClojure is to download the latest standalone IClojure jar

curl -O -L http://clk.tc/iclojure-latest.jar
java -jar iclojure-latest.jar

Alternatively, you can download the following script, mark it executable and put it somewhere in path

curl -O https://raw.github.com/cosmin/IClojure/master/bin/iclojure
chmod +x iclojure
sudo mv iclojure /usr/local/bin

Then you can simply launch iclojure at any time.


If you are already using Leiningen the simplest way to get started with IClojure is to use the lein-iclojure plugin.

Leiningen 1.x

lein plugin install lein-iclojure 1.2

Leiningen 2

Add [lein-iclojure "1.2"] to the :user profile in ~/.lein/profiles.clj. Here is an example

{:user {:plugins [ [lein-iclojure "1.2"] ]}}


If you are already using the latest clojure-maven-plugin snapshot you can simply add IClojure to your dependencies


and then IClojure will replace the usual repl

mvn clojure:repl


IClojure ships with the latest alpha of Clojure 1.4, although it supports Clojure >= 1.2

git checkout https://github.com/cosmin/IClojure
cd IClojure


You can package IClojure for distribution, including sources and a standalone jar with

mvn clean package

The iclojure-*-standalone.jar is a self-contained Jar that includes all the necessary dependencies.


  • Tab completion
  • Shorthand for source and doc
  • Shorthand for introspecting Java objects and classes via reflection
  • Proper Control-C handling, although not very portable
  • persist history across sessions to ~/.iclojure_history
  • input and output caching of last 1000 elements

Tab completion

  • variable
  • method invocations
  • "(.method" completion for all java methods for any of the classes in the current namespace
  • "(. object method" completion for all the methods of the object (or a form that evaluates to an object)
  • namespaces
  • java classes
  • import statements for both symbols and import lists

Input / output caching

In addition to the Clojure convention of caching the last 3 output in *1, *2 and *3 IClojure also caches the last 1000 input and output

(input 102) ; => returns the input from line 102
(output 102) ; => returns the output from line 102

Other shorthands

    ?symbol          => (doc symbol)
    ??symbol         => (source symbol)
    %d symbol        => show constructors, methods and fields of the given object or Class
    %f class         => find all classes matching this name (supports globs)
    %f class package => like the above, but restrict search to the given package


  • tab completion for require and use forms
  • abort long runing tasks with Ctrl+C
  • launch editor from within IClojure


Copyright (C) 2013 Cosmin Stejerean

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.