PowerDNS backend using DynamoDB
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PowerDNS backend using DynamoDB


  • name - string - hash key
  • type - string - range key
  • ttl - number
  • values - set of strings

Note that in order to simplify the DynamoDB schema MX and SRV records must store the priority field at the beginning of the content, separated by a TAB.


It is recommended you create a special IAM users that only has permissions for querying DNS records to be used by this backend. You can use the following IAM policy template (replacing REGION, ACCOUNTID and TABLE with the correct values).

  "Statement": [
      "Action": [
      "Effect": "Allow",
      "Resource": [


Secret key storage

Place the secret key of the IAM account into a file that is only readable by the pdns user.

Executable script

Create an executable script that looks like


exec /path/to/pdns-dynamodb -t TABLE -r REGION -I ACCESS_KEY -K /path/to/secret.key

Replacing TABLE, REGION and ACCESS_KEY with the appropriate values and the path to secret key from the previous step.

PowerDNS backend configuration

Configure pdns.conf as follows:


using the path to the executable script you created above.