SuperCommerce - PHP/Zend/MySQL E-commerce shopping cart raw solution
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SuperCommerce - E-commerce shopping cart raw solution

SuperCommerce is a simple starting point solution that can be used when building an e-commerce shopping cart application. It uses PHP, Zend Framework and MySql.

This solution uses a mix of concepts that are commonly found in e-commerce shopping cart applications:

  1. Modules - for logically delimiting the store from the administration panel
  2. Routes - for custom URLs
  3. Layouts - for multiple masterpages
  4. Partials - for re-using the code of different HTML parts
  5. Extended ACL module - by extending Zend_Auth, the URLs are mapped to ACL database records as resources and the actions (GET/POST) as privileges
  6. Custom exceptions - the ErrorController is triggered by the exception handling mechanism which further handles HTTP errors (404, 403, 500 etc.)
  7. Forms - all-in-one solution for rendering HTML and validating content programmatically
  8. DB interface - by using Zend_Db, the access to MySQL is done through simple PHP classes
  9. jQuery - organized in "namespaces", the .js files handles the logic of retrieving and showing data on the client

Set Up:

  1. Create a MySQL database named "super_commerce"
  2. Execute super_commerce.sql to create and populate the database
  3. Under /application/configs edit the environment.ini file and set up your DB connection
  4. Host the application under Apache (must point to the index.php file under /public folder)
  5. Run the application by navigating to your local URL