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-- Documentation directory --
* This gives all the documentation for the program.
* Directories:
- figures: Holds the figures used in the manual.
- input_docs: Generated by the Makefile to hold the automatically generated
input reference sections of the manual.
* Files:
- python script which automatically generates latex help files
for all the classes, for use in the manual.
- python script which can generate custom help files for
the output classes, for use in the manual.
- python script which can generate custom help files for
each of the input classes, for use in the manual.
- Makefile: The makefile for the automatically generated manual.
- manual.tex: TeX file giving the manual template.
- mybib.bib: Bibliography file for the manual.
- elsarticle-num-names.bst: Bibliography style file.
- etoolbox.sty: LaTeX package which is used by manual.tex.
* Some of the above files are used to automatically generate sections of the
user manual, and to create an xml showing the class hierarchy. The sections
of the user manual are created in a directory input_docs.
The user manual itself is created in two files, manual.pdf and manual.xml.
These are:
- manual.pdf: The user manual file. This explains how to run the code,
the input and output file syntax, and the design paradigm for ipi.
Also contains a tutorial which goes step by step through an example
- manual.xml: This is an xml file that contains all the input names
along with a description of their purpose and what values are
expected for each of them.
* To make the help files use:
$ make
* To remove the input reference sections and LaTeX compiled files, use:
$ make clean
* To remove all the generated files, use:
$ make distclean