Meteor dapp for building and vetting solidity contracts.
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A MeteorJS realtime solidity development environment DApp.

** Please note that this DApp is still in Alpha (still working out the bugs).

[DEPRETIATED] -- please use and contribute too:, currently under construction however.



Clone this repo

$ git clone

Start a local geth node:

$ geth --rpc --rpcaddr="localhost" --mine --unlock=primary --rpcport="8080" --rpccorsdomain="http://localhost:3000" --loglevel=5 --maxpeers=0

Start Cosmo using Meteor

$ cd meteor-dapp-cosmo/app
$ meteor

Goto http://localhost:3000, enjoy!

DApp Functionality

  • Deploy and test solidity contracts
  • Vet contracts using function calls/transactions
  • Switch between auto and manual compiling mode
  • See your node information in realtime
  • Immediate JSON contract descriptions

Page Layout

  • Source code editor (left column)
  • Realtime contract & contract function information (middle column)
  • Accounts and console for method testing (right column)


This DApp will help developers code in solidity, so they can build solid contracts in realtime that are thoroughly vetted.

Cosmo uses Chriseth's Realtime Browser Compiler.


  • Better i18n
  • Event Handling/Testing Interface