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Currency created for the future, lots of technology in the palm of your hand.
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Invest Plus Specifications

Name Invest Plus
Ticker IVP
Algo Scrypt POW/POS
Annual income 13%
Reward per block POW 100000
Last block POW 10000
Maturity 10 blocks
Block Time 60 secs
P2P port 2369
RPC port 2368
Data to reach the supply 7 years and 2 months ~ 2026-04-13
Daily mining schedule see future mining
Official Exchange
Official POS Mining Pool
Official telegram IVP Telegram
Official twitter IVP Twitter
Official website
Block explorer under development

About pre-mine

All the pre-mine was intended for the community of the former investment platform, 
the developers and members behind the coin received ~ 100 million IVP, 
all this information can be confirmed with the community in the telegram,
feel free to do an audit of the project.

About Listings

Before listing in your exchange or stake pool contact us,
listing without our consent will not have our support together with the community of users,
we think fair need to evaluate the project that will use the IVP, we want to have a community growing
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