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//control variables for your embedding pleasure
$stories = 3; //number of stories
$image_width = 'w_100'; //image width in pixels
$image_height = 'h_100'; //image height in pixels
$image_contain = 'c_fill'; //other options at
$image_quality = 'q_64'; //see above
$image_prog = 'fl_progressive';
//get cloudinary image of desired size
function hack_image($desc_array, $img_w, $img_h, $img_c, $img_q, $img_p) {
$img_shard = explode('img src="', $desc_array[0]);
$img_url = explode('"/>',$img_shard[1]);
$img_slug = explode('c_fit', $img_url[0]);
$img_id = explode('w_636', $img_url[0]);
return $img_slug[0].$img_c.','.$img_p.','.$img_w.','.$img_h.$img_id[1];
//replacing the Google Analytics info so they know where it came from
function retag_link($url) {
$new_url = str_replace('=RSS&', '=brainholewidget&', $url);
$final_url = str_replace('=feeds', '=brainhole', $new_url);
return $final_url;
//let's get three random items; I'm pretty sure this is how Outbrain's algorithm works
$story_index = range(0, 19);
$selected = array_slice($story_index, 0, $stories);
//converting the RSS feed to an array --
$feed = '';
$feed_to_array = (array) simplexml_load_file($feed, 'SimpleXMLElement', LIBXML_NOCDATA);
//selecting the data for the three random articles
$articles = array();
foreach($selected as $selector) {
array_push($articles, $feed_to_array[channel]->item[$selector]);
//turn that crank
//this currently generates unstyled HTML. You might want to do something different with it.
foreach ($articles as $article) {
$image = hack_image($article->description, $image_width, $image_height, $image_contain, $image_quality, $image_prog);
$link = retag_link($article->link);
$title = $article->title;
$linked_image = '<a href="'.$link.'"><img src="'.$image.'"></a>';
$linked_title = '<a href="'.$link.'"><span>'.mb_convert_encoding($title, "HTML-ENTITIES", "UTF-8").'</span></a>';
echo $linked_image.$linked_title.'<br/><br/>';
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