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I added some more stuff to contagged, including a flash clipboard widget to simplify the inclusion of addresses in other applications. Please consider merging the changes, or contact me if you have additional questions.

pneff and others added some commits Jun 9, 2010

Set the global $user variable if the user is logged in. This is
necessary for the userlogreq configuration to work e.g. for exporting
CSV files.
use home address fields from mozilla schema
Use separate address fields for home street, home location and home ZIP
code instead of a single field for the entire private address. For this
to work, the LDAP class mozillaAbPersonAlpha is required. The fields are
also added to the edit page and the CSV export.
add print export
This patch adds a "print" function to the addressbook; it displays all
currently listed contacts in a smaller font, making it possible to print
the entire address book (or parts of it).
embed 'clippy' to copy address to clipboard
It is often convinient to copy a complete address to the system
clipboard; to achieve this, this patch includes the flash widget
"clippy" to the contact view. Clicking on one of the widgets copies
either the office or home address to the clipboard, making it simple to
include it in other applications.

Clippy itself is hosted here:
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