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Emacs contrib module for stumpwm (ported from DSWM emacs module)
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StumpMACS is an EMACS integration module for stumpWM, which is the frontend around emacs daemon and emacsclient

Description: StumpMACS starts emacs daemon, and then runs on it commands, using emacsclient. You can control almost of emacs daemon parameters, like start, stop, restart it, insert extra arguments to daemon and client, choose emacs daemon and client paths, emacs daemon instance name and choose daemon configfile. Also it allows to manage many emacs daemons simultaneously


  • Download module: via git: git clone or download and unpack tarball: wget -O stumpmacs.tar.gz; tar -xvf stumpmacs.tar.gz
  • Put files from stumpmacs folder to your stumpwm contrib directory (you mast to get ‘’ file and ‘stumpmacs’ directory with other files
  • do in stumpwm load-module -> StumpMACS
  • Enjoy


STUMPMACS PREFIX KEY: C-t C-e or C-t e. Marks “SPK” here


  • Start/stop/restart daemon commands: e-start-daemon e-stop-daemon e-restart-daemon
  • Switch between daemons commands: e-list-daemons e-daemons e-switch-to-daemon
  • List buffers of current daemon commands: e-list-buffers e-switch-to-buffer key: SPK C-b
  • Open buffer in current daemon command: e-open-fuffer key: SPK b
  • Open file in current daemon command: e-find-file key: SPK f
  • Save buffer in current daemon command: e-save-buffer key: SPK C-s
  • Save all unsaved buffers, associated with files in current daemon command: e-save-some-buffers key: SPK s
  • Write current buffer in current daemon to different file command: e-write-file key: SPK w
  • Kill buffer in current daemon command: e-kill-buffer key: SPK k
  • Eval any code at daemon command: e-eval-expression
  • Execute emacs command at daemon command: e-execute-extended-command
  • Connect emacsclient to currend daemon and open new window command: e-connect key: SPK C-e
  • Insert “Control+e” into other applications key: SPK e

Useful functions:

  • (make-emacs &key name daemon daemon-args client client-args) Adds daemon to managed daemons list (you don’t need to start emacs daemon separately. StumpMACS will start it automatic) Args: name - instance name daemon, client - emacs daemon and client paths daemon-args, client-args - emacs daemon and client extra arguments (generic arguments, like “–daemon” for emacs daemon and “-s daemon_name” for client, adds automatic) EXAMPLE: (make-emacs :name "development" :daemon "/opt/emacs/current/bin/emacs" :daemon-args "--debug-init" :client "/opt/emacs/current/bin/emacsclient") Also you can add emacs daemon to managed daemons list using command e-start-server
  • (current-daemon) Returns current managed emacs daemon instance
  • (list-daemons) Returns list of managed daemons
  • (list-buffers emacs-daemon-instance) Returns buffers list at daemon EXAMPLE: (list-buffers (current-daemon))
  • (current-buffer emacs-daemon-instance) Returns current buffer at daemon EXAMPLE: (current-buffer (current-daemon))
  • (ping-daemon emacs-daemon-instance) Pings daemon. Returns NIL, if it not running and it`s instance, when daemon is running (also, thereis a good function (ping-or-start-daemon emacs-daemon-instance) ) EXAMPLE: (ping-daemon (current-daemon))
  • (set-current-daemon emacs-daemon-instance) Changes current daemon to another (need, that daemon was in managed list) EXAMPLE: (set-current-daemon (nth 4 (list-daemons)))

Useful variables

  • show-system-buffers-p Show, or not system buffers (with ‘*’ at the beginning and at the end)


Add commands for stumpwm-like splittings emacs frames:

(in-package :stumpmacs)

(set-command vsplit "(split-window-vertically)")
(set-command hsplit "(split-window-horizontally)")
(set-command remove "(delete-other-windows)")
(set-command only "(delete-window)")

(defcommand e-vsplit () ()
  (eval-on-daemon (current-daemon) (get-command vsplit)))

(defcommand e-hsplit () ()
  (eval-on-daemon (current-daemon) (get-command hsplit)))

(defcommand e-remove () ()
  (eval-on-daemon (current-daemon) (get-command remove)))

(defcommand e-only () ()
  (eval-on-daemon (current-daemon) (get-command only)))
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