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a simple static website generator that uses markdown
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mksite - static website generator

mksite is a simple static website generator that uses markdown and a linux directory structure to generate and maintain a website. It is designed to be simple and convenient. The main idea is to be able to build a website simply by creating directories and markdown files in linux. Then the output can be easily deployed to the server.

This code was originally copied from genosite at and uses some of the ideas from poole. If you need a more robust website generator consider hyde.

Quick Start

Run initsite (project dir name)

This builds a new project directory. In this project directory you will find a directory called input with some markdown files, a css style file, and a subdirectory in it. Edit these (and add more) to your liking. This is where you build your site; do all of your work here (adding folders, files etc...). The site name and footer are edited by changing config.conf in the project directory.

Now run mksite (project dir)

This will create a folder called output in the project directory. This contains the actual website and auxiliary files and folders created in input. If you want to create a "hidden" folder to keep images or data files in then use the standard linux naming convention (e.g. .hidden). The mksite program will not add these folders to the site menu. Anytime you update the input folder run mksite to update the output folder. If you delete files in input they will be removed from output because mksite uses rsync to create the output folder.

New changes with version 0.5

There are two new options that come with mksite. These are --rebuild and --clean. The --clean option will remove any html files in output that don't correspond to a markdown file in input. A cache is now used to track changed files in mksite and reduce the generation time for large sites. Now only files that have been changed since last generated will be regenerated. The --rebuild option forces regeneration of all markdown files and also forces an output directory cleaning.


  • Add config variables for extra header stuff


  • bash
  • rsync
  • python-markdown
  • sed
  • gawk
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