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  1. cosmos-sdk cosmos-sdk Public

    ⛓️ A Framework for Building High Value Public Blockchains ✨

    Go 6k 3.4k

  2. cosmos cosmos Public

    Internet of Blockchains ⚛

    TeX 1.3k 310

  3. gaia gaia Public

    Cosmos Hub

    Go 440 657

  4. cosmjs cosmjs Public

    The Swiss Army knife to power JavaScript based client solutions ranging from Web apps/explorers over browser extensions to server-side clients like faucets/scrapers.

    TypeScript 619 311

  5. ibc-go ibc-go Public

    Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC) implementation in Golang.

    Go 504 536

  6. ibc ibc Public

    Interchain Standards (ICS) for the Cosmos network & interchain ecosystem.

    TeX 893 377


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