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Cosmos SDK


The Cosmos SDK is a framework for building blockchain applications. CometBFT (BFT Consensus) and the Cosmos SDK are written in the Go programming language. Cosmos SDK is used to build Gaia, the implementation of the Cosmos Hub.

WARNING: The Cosmos SDK has mostly stabilized, but we are still making some breaking changes.

Note: Always use the latest maintained Go version for building Cosmos SDK applications.

Quick Start

To learn how the Cosmos SDK works from a high-level perspective, see the Cosmos SDK High-Level Intro.

If you want to get started quickly and learn how to build on top of Cosmos SDK, visit Cosmos SDK Tutorials. You can also fork the tutorial's repository to get started building your own Cosmos SDK application.

For more information, see the Cosmos SDK Documentation.


See for details on how to contribute and participate in our dev calls. If you want to follow the updates or learn more about the latest design then join our Discord.

Tools and Frameworks

The Cosmos ecosystem is vast. Awesome Cosmos is a community-curated list of notable frameworks, modules and tools.

Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC)

The IBC module for the Cosmos SDK has its own cosmos/ibc-go repository. Go there to build and integrate with the IBC module.

Version Matrix

The version matrix below shows which versions of the Cosmos SDK, modules and libraries are compatible with each other.

Core Dependencies

Core Dependencies are the core libraries that a application may depend on.

Note: the ❌ signals that the version of the Cosmos SDK does not need to import the dependency.

Cosmos SDK
0.50.z 0.11.z 0.7.z 1.y.z 1.y.z 1.y.z 1.y.z 1.y.z
0.47.z 0.5.z 0.3.z 1.y.z 1.y.z 1.y.z 1.y.z
0.46.z 1.y.z 1.y.z

Module Dependencies

Module Dependencies are the modules that a application may depend on and which version of the Cosmos SDK they are compatible with.

Note: The version table only goes back to 0.50.x, this is due to the reason that modules were not spun out into their own go.mods until 0.50.z. ❌ signals that the module was not spun out into its own go.mod file.

Cosmos SDK 0.50.z 0.y.z 0.1.z 0.1.z 0.1.z 0.1.z =< 0.13.z 0.1.z


This Cosmos SDK project is not related to the React-Cosmos project (yet). Many thanks to Evan Coury and Ovidiu (@skidding) for this Github organization name. As per our agreement, this disambiguation notice will stay here.