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package cache
import (
lru ""
var (
_ types.CommitKVStore = (*CommitKVStoreCache)(nil)
_ types.MultiStorePersistentCache = (*CommitKVStoreCacheManager)(nil)
// DefaultCommitKVStoreCacheSize defines the persistent ARC cache size for a
// CommitKVStoreCache.
DefaultCommitKVStoreCacheSize uint = 1000
type (
// CommitKVStoreCache implements an inter-block (persistent) cache that wraps a
// CommitKVStore. Reads first hit the internal ARC (Adaptive Replacement Cache).
// During a cache miss, the read is delegated to the underlying CommitKVStore
// and cached. Deletes and writes always happen to both the cache and the
// CommitKVStore in a write-through manner. Caching performed in the
// CommitKVStore and below is completely irrelevant to this layer.
CommitKVStoreCache struct {
cache *lru.ARCCache
// CommitKVStoreCacheManager maintains a mapping from a StoreKey to a
// CommitKVStoreCache. Each CommitKVStore, per StoreKey, is meant to be used
// in an inter-block (persistent) manner and typically provided by a
// CommitMultiStore.
CommitKVStoreCacheManager struct {
cacheSize uint
caches map[string]types.CommitKVStore
func NewCommitKVStoreCache(store types.CommitKVStore, size uint) *CommitKVStoreCache {
cache, err := lru.NewARC(int(size))
if err != nil {
panic(fmt.Errorf("failed to create KVStore cache: %s", err))
return &CommitKVStoreCache{
CommitKVStore: store,
cache: cache,
func NewCommitKVStoreCacheManager(size uint) *CommitKVStoreCacheManager {
return &CommitKVStoreCacheManager{
cacheSize: size,
caches: make(map[string]types.CommitKVStore),
// GetStoreCache returns a Cache from the CommitStoreCacheManager for a given
// StoreKey. If no Cache exists for the StoreKey, then one is created and set.
// The returned Cache is meant to be used in a persistent manner.
func (cmgr *CommitKVStoreCacheManager) GetStoreCache(key types.StoreKey, store types.CommitKVStore) types.CommitKVStore {
if cmgr.caches[key.Name()] == nil {
cmgr.caches[key.Name()] = NewCommitKVStoreCache(store, cmgr.cacheSize)
return cmgr.caches[key.Name()]
// Unwrap returns the underlying CommitKVStore for a given StoreKey.
func (cmgr *CommitKVStoreCacheManager) Unwrap(key types.StoreKey) types.CommitKVStore {
if ckv, ok := cmgr.caches[key.Name()]; ok {
return ckv.(*CommitKVStoreCache).CommitKVStore
return nil
// Reset resets in the internal caches.
func (cmgr *CommitKVStoreCacheManager) Reset() {
cmgr.caches = make(map[string]types.CommitKVStore)
// CacheWrap returns the inter-block cache as a cache-wrapped CommitKVStore.
func (ckv *CommitKVStoreCache) CacheWrap() types.CacheWrap {
return cachekv.NewStore(ckv)
// Get retrieves a value by key. It will first look in the write-through cache.
// If the value doesn't exist in the write-through cache, the query is delegated
// to the underlying CommitKVStore.
func (ckv *CommitKVStoreCache) Get(key []byte) []byte {
keyStr := string(key)
valueI, ok := ckv.cache.Get(keyStr)
if ok {
// cache hit
return valueI.([]byte)
// cache miss; write to cache
value := ckv.CommitKVStore.Get(key)
ckv.cache.Add(keyStr, value)
return value
// Set inserts a key/value pair into both the write-through cache and the
// underlying CommitKVStore.
func (ckv *CommitKVStoreCache) Set(key, value []byte) {
ckv.cache.Add(string(key), value)
ckv.CommitKVStore.Set(key, value)
// Delete removes a key/value pair from both the write-through cache and the
// underlying CommitKVStore.
func (ckv *CommitKVStoreCache) Delete(key []byte) {
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