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package types
import (
// staking constants
const (
// default bond denomination
DefaultBondDenom = "stake"
// Delay, in blocks, between when validator updates are returned to the
// consensus-engine and when they are applied. For example, if
// ValidatorUpdateDelay is set to X, and if a validator set update is
// returned with new validators at the end of block 10, then the new
// validators are expected to sign blocks beginning at block 11+X.
// This value is constant as this should not change without a hard fork.
// For Tendermint this should be set to 1 block, for more details see:
ValidatorUpdateDelay int64 = 1
// PowerReduction is the amount of staking tokens required for 1 unit of consensus-engine power
var PowerReduction = NewIntFromBigInt(new(big.Int).Exp(big.NewInt(10), big.NewInt(6), nil))
// TokensToConsensusPower - convert input tokens to potential consensus-engine power
func TokensToConsensusPower(tokens Int) int64 {
return (tokens.Quo(PowerReduction)).Int64()
// TokensFromConsensusPower - convert input power to tokens
func TokensFromConsensusPower(power int64) Int {
return NewInt(power).Mul(PowerReduction)
// BondStatus is the status of a validator
type BondStatus byte
// staking constants
const (
Unbonded BondStatus = 0x00
Unbonding BondStatus = 0x01
Bonded BondStatus = 0x02
BondStatusUnbonded = "Unbonded"
BondStatusUnbonding = "Unbonding"
BondStatusBonded = "Bonded"
// Equal compares two BondStatus instances
func (b BondStatus) Equal(b2 BondStatus) bool {
return byte(b) == byte(b2)
// String implements the Stringer interface for BondStatus.
func (b BondStatus) String() string {
switch b {
case 0x00:
return BondStatusUnbonded
case 0x01:
return BondStatusUnbonding
case 0x02:
return BondStatusBonded
panic("invalid bond status")
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