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package types
import (
// ModuleCdc auth module wide codec
var ModuleCdc = codec.New()
// RegisterCodec registers concrete types on the codec
func RegisterCodec(cdc *codec.Codec) {
cdc.RegisterInterface((*exported.GenesisAccount)(nil), nil)
cdc.RegisterInterface((*exported.Account)(nil), nil)
cdc.RegisterConcrete(&BaseAccount{}, "cosmos-sdk/Account", nil)
cdc.RegisterConcrete(StdTx{}, "cosmos-sdk/StdTx", nil)
// RegisterAccountTypeCodec registers an external account type defined in
// another module for the internal ModuleCdc.
func RegisterAccountTypeCodec(o interface{}, name string) {
ModuleCdc.RegisterConcrete(o, name, nil)
func init() {
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