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@jackzampolin jackzampolin released this Mar 7, 2019



  • Gaia REST API

    • #3641 Remove the ability to use a Keybase from the REST API client:
      • password and generate_only have been removed from the base_req object
      • All txs that used to sign or use the Keybase now only generate the tx
      • keys routes completely removed
    • #3692 Update tx encoding and broadcasting endpoints:
      • Remove duplicate broadcasting endpoints in favor of POST @ /txs
        • The Tx field now accepts a StdTx and not raw tx bytes
      • Move encoding endpoint to /txs/encode
  • Gaia

    • #3787 Fork the x/bank module into the Gaia application with only a
      modified message handler, where the modified message handler behaves the same as
      the standard x/bank message handler except for MsgMultiSend that must burn
      exactly 9 atoms and transfer 1 atom, and MsgSend is disabled.
    • #3789 Update validator creation flow:
      • Remove NewMsgCreateValidatorOnBehalfOf and corresponding business logic
      • Ensure the validator address equals the delegator address during
  • SDK

    • #3750 Track outstanding rewards per-validator instead of globally,
      and fix the main simulation issue, which was that slashes of
      re-delegations to a validator were not correctly accounted for
      in fee distribution when the redelegation in question had itself
      been slashed (from a fault committed by a different validator)
      in the same BeginBlock. Outstanding rewards are now available
      on a per-validator basis in REST.
    • #3669 Ensure consistency in message naming, codec registration, and JSON
    • #3788 Change order of operations for greater accuracy when calculating delegation share token value
    • #3788 DecCoins.Cap -> DecCoins.Intersect
    • #3666 Improve coins denom validation.
    • #3751 Disable (temporarily) support for ED25519 account key pairs.
  • Tendermint

    • [#3804] Update to Tendermint v0.31.0-dev0


  • SDK
    • #3719 DBBackend can now be set at compile time.
      Defaults: goleveldb. Supported: cleveldb.


  • Gaia REST API

    • Update the TxResponse type allowing for the Logs result to be JSON decoded automatically.
  • Gaia CLI

    • #3653 Prompt user confirmation prior to signing and broadcasting a transaction.
    • #3670 CLI support for showing bech32 addresses in Ledger devices
    • #3711 Update tx sign to use --from instead of the deprecated --name
      CLI flag.
    • #3738 Improve multisig UX:
      • gaiacli keys show -o json now includes constituent pubkeys, respective weights and threshold
      • gaiacli keys show --show-multisig now displays constituent pubkeys, respective weights and threshold
      • gaiacli tx sign --validate-signatures now displays multisig signers with their respective weights
    • #3730 Improve workflow for
      gaiad gentx with offline public keys, by outputting stdtx file that needs to be signed.
    • #3761 Querying account related information using custom querier in auth module
  • SDK

    • #3753 Remove no-longer-used governance penalty parameter
    • #3679 Consistent operators across Coins, DecCoins, Int, Dec
      replaced: Minus->Sub Plus->Add Div->Quo
    • #3665 Overhaul sdk.Uint type in preparation for Coins Int -> Uint migration.
    • #3691 Cleanup error messages
    • #3456 Integrate in the Int.ToDec() convenience function
    • #3300 Update the spec-spec, spec file reorg, and TOC updates.
    • #3694 Push tagged docker images on docker hub when tag is created.
    • #3716 Update file permissions the client keys directory and contents to 0700.
    • #3681 Migrate ledger-cosmos-go from ZondaX to Cosmos organization
  • Tendermint

    • #3699 Upgrade to Tendermint 0.30.1


  • Gaia CLI

    • #3731 keys add --interactive bip32 passphrase regression fix
    • #3714 Fix USB raw access issues with gaiacli when installed via snap
  • Gaia

    • #3777 gaiad export no longer panics when the database is empty
    • #3806 Properly return errors from a couple of struct Unmarshal functions
  • SDK

    • #3728 Truncate decimal multiplication & division in distribution to ensure
      no more than the collected fees / inflation are distributed
    • #3727 Return on zero-length (including []byte{}) PrefixEndBytes() calls
    • #3559 fix occasional failing due to non-determinism in lcd test TestBonding
      where validator is unexpectedly slashed throwing off test calculations
    • #3411 Include the RequestInitChain.Time in the block header init during
    • #3717 Update the vesting specification and implementation to cap deduction from
      DelegatedVesting by at most DelegatedVesting. This accounts for the case where
      the undelegation amount may exceed the original delegation amount due to
      truncation of undelegation tokens.
    • #3717 Ignore unknown proposers in allocating rewards for proposers, in case
      unbonding period was just 1 block and proposer was already deleted.
    • #3726 Cap(clip) reward to remaining coins in AllocateTokens.
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