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Updating the docs

If you want to open a PR on the Cosmos SDK to update the documentation, please follow the guidelines in the


  • Docs translations live in a docs/country-code/ folder, where country-code stands for the country code of the language used (cn for Chinese, kr for Korea, fr for France, ...).
  • Always translate content living on master.
  • Only content under /docs/intro/, /docs/basics/, /docs/core/, /docs/building-modules/ and docs/interfaces needs to be translated, as well as docs/ It is also nice (but not mandatory) to translate /docs/spec/.
  • Specify the release/tag of the translation in the README of your translation folder. Update the release/tag each time you update the translation.

Docs Build Workflow

The documentation for Ethermint is hosted at

built from the files in this (/docs) directory for master.

How It Works

There is a CircleCI job listening for changes in the /docs directory, on the master branch. Any updates to files in this directory on that branch will automatically trigger a website deployment. Under the hood, the private website repository has a make build-docs target consumed by a CircleCI job in that repo.


The is also the landing page for the documentation on the website. During the Jenkins build, the current commit is added to the bottom of the README.


The config.js generates the sidebar and Table of Contents on the website docs. Note the use of relative links and the omission of file extensions. Additional features are available to improve the look of the sidebar.


NOTE: Strongly consider the existing links - both within this directory and to the website docs - when moving or deleting files.

Relative links should be used nearly everywhere, having discovered and weighed the following:


Where is the other file, relative to the current one?

  • works both on GitHub and for the VuePress build
  • confusing / annoying to have things like: ../../../../
  • requires more updates when files are re-shuffled


Where is the other file, given the root of the repo?

  • works on GitHub, doesn't work for the VuePress build
  • this is much nicer: /docs/hereitis/
  • if you move that file around, the links inside it are preserved (but not to it, of course)


The full GitHub URL to a file or directory. Used occasionally when it makes sense to send users to the GitHub.

Building Locally

Make sure you are in the docs directory and run the following commands:

rm -rf node_modules

This command will remove old version of the visual theme and required packages. This step is optional.

yarn install

Install the theme and all dependencies.

yarn run serve

Run pre and post hooks and start a hot-reloading web-server. See output of this command for the URL (it is often https://localhost:8080).

To build documentation as a static website run yarn run build. You will find the website in .vuepress/dist directory.


We are using Algolia to power full-text search. This uses a public API search-only key in the config.js as well as a cosmos_network.json configuration file that we can update with PRs.

Update and Build the RPC docs

  1. Execute the following command at the root directory to install the swagger-ui generate tool.

    make tools
  2. Edit API docs

    1. Directly Edit API docs manually: client/lcd/swagger-ui/swagger.yaml.
    2. Edit API docs within the Swagger Editor. Please refer to this document for the correct structure in .yaml.
  3. Download swagger.yaml and replace the old swagger.yaml under fold client/lcd/swagger-ui.

  4. Compile gaiacli

    make install