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Cosmos Hub (Gaia)


Project Status: Active -- The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed. License: Apache-2.0 Version Go Report Card GoDoc Lines of Code Quality Gate Status Coverage Discord Twitter

The Cosmos Hub is the first of an exploding number of interconnected blockchains that comprise the Cosmos Network.

🤔 — Why should you be interested in the Cosmos Hub

The Cosmos Hub is built using the Cosmos SDK and compiled to a binary called gaiad (Gaia Daemon). The Cosmos Hub and other fully sovereign Cosmos SDK blockchains interact with one another using a protocol called IBC that enables Inter-Blockchain Communication. In order to understand what the Cosmos Hub is you can read this introductory explanation.

⚡ — Documentation & Introduction

Cosmos Hub is a blockchain network that operates on Proof-of-Stake consensus. You can find an introduction to the Cosmos Hub and how to use the gaiad binary as a delegator, validator or node operator as well as how governance on the Cosmos Hub works in the documentation.

Alternatively, whether you're new to blockchain technology or interested in getting involved, the Cosmos Network Course will guide you through everything. The course walks you through the basics of blockchain technology, to staking, setting up your own node, and beyond.

👤 — Node Operators

If you're interested in running a node on the current Cosmos Hub, check out the docs to Join the Cosmos Hub Mainnet.

🗣️ — Validators

If you want to participate and help secure Cosmos Hub, check out becoming a validator. Information on what a validator is and how to participate as one can be found at the Validator FAQ. If you're running a validator node on the Cosmos Hub, reach out to a Janitor on the Cosmos Developers Discord to join the #cosmos-hub-validators-verified channel.

👥 — Delegators

If you still want to participate on the Cosmos Hub, check out becoming a delegator. Information on what a delegator is and how to participate as one can be found at the Delegator FAQ.

👥 — Testnet

To participate in or utilize the current Cosmos Hub testnet, take a look at the cosmos/testnets repository. This testnet is for the Theta Upgrade expected in Q1 2022. For future upgrades of the Cosmos Hub take a look at the roadmap.

🌐 — Roadmap

For an overview of upcoming changes to the Cosmos Hub take a look at the Roadmap.

🗄️ — Archives & Genesis

With each version of the Cosmos Hub, the chain is restarted from a new Genesis state. Mainnet is currently running as cosmoshub-4. Archives of the state of cosmoshub-1, cosmoshub-2, and cosmoshub-3 are available here.

If you are looking for historical genesis files and other data cosmos/mainnet is an excellent resource. Snapshots are also available at

🤝 — How to contribute

Check out for our guidelines & policies for how we develop the Cosmos Hub. Thank you to all those who have contributed!

💬 — Talk to us

We have active, helpful communities on Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

Cosmos Developers Discord Discord
Cosmos Twitter Tweet
Cosmos Gov Twitter Tweet
Cosmos Telegram Telegram

For updates on the Cosmos Hub team's activities follow us on the Cosmos Hub Twitter account.

👏 — Supporters

Stargazers repo roster for @cosmos/gaia Forkers repo roster for @cosmos/gaia

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