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Cosmos Hub
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Cosmos Hub


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This repository hosts Gaia, the first implementation of the Cosmos Hub.

Note: Requires Go 1.12+

DISCLAIMER: The current version of Gaia running the Cosmos Hub (v0.34.x) is NOT maintained in this repository. Gaia and the Cosmos SDK have been recently split. All future versions of Gaia, including the next major upgrade, will be maintained in this repository. However, until the next major upgrade, Gaia should be fetched and built from the latest released v0.34.x version in the SDK repository. In addition, this repository should be considered unstable until the next major release of Gaia. Please bear with us while we continue the migration process and update documentation.

Cosmos Hub Mainnet

To run a full-node for the mainnet of the Cosmos Hub, first install gaia, then follow the guide.

For status updates and genesis file, see the launch repo.

Quick Start

make install


This Cosmos-SDK project is not related to the React-Cosmos project (yet). Many thanks to Evan Coury and Ovidiu (@skidding) for this Github organization name. As per our agreement, this disambiguation notice will stay here.

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