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Interchain Standards Development


This repository is the canonical location for development and documentation of inter-chain standards utilized by the Cosmos network & interchain ecosystem. Initially it will be used to consolidate design documentation for the inter-blockchain communication protocol (IBC), encoding standards for Cosmos chains, and miscellaneous utilities such as off-chain message signing.


Please see ICS 1 for a description of what a standard entails.

To propose a new standard, open an issue. To start a new standardization document, copy the template and open a PR.

See for a description of the standardization process.

IBC Quick References

The subject of most initial interchain standards is the inter-blockchain communication protocol, "IBC".

If you are diving in or planning to review specifications, the following are recommended reading:

Interchain Standards

All standards in the "draft" stage are listed here in order of their ICS numbers, sorted by category.


Interchain Standard Number Standard Title Stage
1 ICS Specification Standard Draft
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