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License CircleCI

This repository contains two Ledger Nano S apps for Tendermint/Cosmos:

  • Ledger Nano S Cosmos BOLOS app
  • Ledger Nano S Tendermint validator BOLOS app
  • C++ unit tests

Source code for apps is linked as submodules to allow for Ledger's build infrastructure.

For development purposes, this repo is recommended as it includes unit tests, tools, etc.


Cosmos app

The Cosmos app is already available in Ledger Live. Our preferred and recommended hardware wallet!

::: Until Voyager integration has been reviewed, the app requires enabling developer mode

  • Open Ledger Live and go to Settings (gear icon on the right):

  • Enable developer mode (last option):

  • Now go back to manager and search for Cosmos:

Validator app

The validator app is available in Ledger Live.

The app has been released in TEST mode for now! WARNING: It is possible to exit without unplugging

  • Enable developer mode (last option):

To install, please follow the build instructions in the following section.

  • Now go back to manager and search for Tendermint:


The following document describes how to build the apps: Build instructions


Cosmos App

Validator App

The target of this app are validators. The app signs votes/proposals via the Tendermint/Cosmos KMS (Key management system).


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