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Stargate Week 9 September 9th

Executive Summary

Big week for the Stargate initiative with the launch of the first stargate-1 testnet.

This testnet has been humming along nicely for last week. We've seen both Akash and Agoric projects adopt the stargate codebase for forth coming release. Blockscape, Everstake and IRIS have joined Iqlusion in running stargate-1 validators. Jack and the Akash team are hard at work updating the IBC relayer to run on the testnet.

We've encountered, documented and worked with the SDK and IBC team to fix a number of bugs encountered with running work-in-progress stargate code.

We are looking forward to stability and better documentation of the legacy amino interface before we start on boarding larger developer teams.

Key Activities


IBC team (Interchain GmbH)

  • Final parts of protobuf migration, testcases & general cleanup
  • Implementation updates to allow safe future IBC protocol upgrades
  • Minor protocol updates for asynchronous acknowledgement support

Tendermint Core team (Interchain GmbH)

  • Light client evidence handling - simplifying, verifying, and reimplementing
  • Integrating Cosmos SDK with the latest Tendermint 0.34 release candidate
    • This includes integrating the state sync feature and ironing out any bugs
  • Ensuring that Tendermint docs are up to date for 0.34

SDK team (Regen)

Supervisor Team(All in Bits)


Iqlusion team

  • Stargate-1a Gaia release tagged after various updates
  • Stargate release support with Figment, Lunie, and Trustwallet
  • Ongoing collection of validator keys continues
  • Stargate Testnet Office Hours launched