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Supported systems

The following table summarizes all the known Common Lisp implementations where STMX has been tested.

Linux distributions
Debian 7.0Ubuntu 12.04LTSRaspbian
x86_64x86x86armhf (Raspberry Pi)
ABCL1.1.1OpenJDK 6b27ok
x86 okokok
1.9-dev-r15475M-trunkarmhf ok
CMUCL20c Unicodex86???ok, need [1]ok, need [1]
20d Unicodex86?????????
x86 failfail

[1] all tested CMUCL versions need to be started with option -fpu x87, otherwise the following problems will happen on CPUs that support SSE2 or later: a) CMUCL 20c fails to load the ASDF provided by quicklisp (the builtin one is too old) with a "division by zero" error. b) all tested CMUCL versions sometimes hang in STMX test suite