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Find file Copy path
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# Config file for [Air]( in TOML format
# Working directory
# . or absolute path, please note that the directories following must be under root
root = "."
# Optional! If `watch_dir` is empty, use `root`.
watch_dir = ""
tmp_dir = "tmp"
# Just plain old shell command. You could use `make` as well.
cmd = "go build -o ./tmp/main main.go"
# Binary file yields from `cmd`.
bin = "tmp/main"
# This log file places in your tmp_dir.
log = "air_errors.log"
# Watch these filename extensions.
include_ext = ["go", "tpl", "tmpl", "html"]
# Ignore these filename extensions or directories.
exclude_dir = ["assets", "tmp", "vendor", "frontend/node_modules"]
# There's no necessary to trigger build each time file changes if it's too frequency.
delay = 1000 # ms
# Show log time
time = false
# Customize each part's color. If no color found, use the raw app log.
main = "magenta"
watcher = "cyan"
build = "yellow"
runner = "green"
# app = "white"
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