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  1. acra

    Database encryption proxy for data-driven apps: strong selective encryption, SQL injections prevention, intrusion detection, honeypots.

    Go 372 26

  2. themis

    Easy to use cryptographic framework for data protection: secure messaging with forward secrecy and secure data storage. Has unified APIs across ten platforms.

    C 657 57

  3. hermes-core

    Hermes-core, a PoC implementation of Hermes access control and data sharing scheme. End-to-end data sharing for distributed systems.

    C 33 3

  4. 0fc

    Anonymous web chat server, built on top of Themis/WebThemis

    C++ 93 10

  5. webthemis

    webthemis is PNaCl wrapper for Themis, allows developers to create more secure javascript apps

    Makefile 9 3

  6. sesto

    Open source passwords (and secrets) manager for web

    HTML 12