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Copyright 2016, Cossack Labs Limited
Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
You may obtain a copy of the License at
Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
limitations under the License.
package base
import (
// getDataLengthFromAcraStruct unpack data length value from AcraStruct
func getDataLengthFromAcraStruct(data []byte) int {
dataLengthBlock := data[GetMinAcraStructLength()-DataLengthSize : GetMinAcraStructLength()]
return int(binary.LittleEndian.Uint64(dataLengthBlock))
// GetMinAcraStructLength returns minimal length of AcraStruct
// because in golang we can't declare byte array as constant we need to calculate length of TagBegin in runtime
// or hardcode as constant and maintain len(TagBegin) == CONST_VALUE
func GetMinAcraStructLength() int {
return len(TagBegin) + KeyBlockLength + DataLengthSize
// Errors show incorrect AcraStruct length
var (
ErrIncorrectAcraStructLength = errors.New("AcraStruct has incorrect length")
ErrIncorrectAcraStructDataLength = errors.New("AcraStruct has incorrect data length value")
// ValidateAcraStructLength check that data has minimal length for AcraStruct and data block equal to data length in AcraStruct
func ValidateAcraStructLength(data []byte) error {
baseLength := GetMinAcraStructLength()
if len(data) < baseLength {
return ErrIncorrectAcraStructLength
dataLength := getDataLengthFromAcraStruct(data)
if dataLength != len(data[GetMinAcraStructLength():]) {
return ErrIncorrectAcraStructDataLength
return nil
// DecryptAcrastruct returns plaintext data from AcraStruct, decrypting it using Themis SecureCell in Seal mode,
// using zone as context and privateKey as decryption key.
// Returns error if decryption failed.
func DecryptAcrastruct(data []byte, privateKey *keys.PrivateKey, zone []byte) ([]byte, error) {
if err := ValidateAcraStructLength(data); err != nil {
return nil, err
innerData := data[len(TagBegin):]
pubkey := &keys.PublicKey{Value: innerData[:PublicKeyLength]}
smessage := message.New(privateKey, pubkey)
symmetricKey, err := smessage.Unwrap(innerData[PublicKeyLength:KeyBlockLength])
if err != nil {
return []byte{}, err
var length uint64
// convert from little endian
err = binary.Read(bytes.NewReader(innerData[KeyBlockLength:KeyBlockLength+DataLengthSize]), binary.LittleEndian, &length)
if err != nil {
return []byte{}, err
scell := cell.New(symmetricKey, cell.CELL_MODE_SEAL)
decrypted, err := scell.Unprotect(innerData[KeyBlockLength+DataLengthSize:], nil, zone)
// fill zero symmetric_key
utils.FillSlice(byte(0), symmetricKey)
if err != nil {
return []byte{}, err
return decrypted, nil
// CheckPoisonRecord checks if AcraStruct could be decrypted using Poison Record private key.
// Returns true if AcraStruct is poison record, returns false otherwise.
// Returns error if Poison record key is not found.
func CheckPoisonRecord(data []byte, keystorage keystore.KeyStore) (bool, error) {
poisonKeypair, err := keystorage.GetPoisonKeyPair()
if err != nil {
// we can't check on poisoning
return true, err
_, err = DecryptAcrastruct(data, poisonKeypair.Private, nil)
utils.FillSlice(byte(0), poisonKeypair.Private.Value)
if err == nil {
// decryption success so it was encrypted with private key for poison records
return true, nil
return false, nil