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:warning: Attention! This documentation is for Acra v0.82.0. For the latest documentation, examples, tutorials, and demos, please visit Cossack Labs Documentation Server. :warning:

AcraStruct container format

Before generating each AcraStruct, AcraWriter generates a keypair of throwaway keys that are used in the encryption process and then get zeroed (turned into zeros) in the memory once the process is over.

AcraStruct = Begin_Tag + Throwaway_Public_Key + Encrypted_Random_Key + Data_Length + Encrypted_Data

  • Begin_Tag[8] — 8 bytes, header tag (can be changed);
  • Throwaway_Public_Key[45] — temporary public key generated by AcraWriter;
  • Encrypted_Random_Key[84] — encrypted Random Key by using SMessage (see next);
  • Data_Length[8] — length of the Encrypted data (see next);
  • Encrypted_Data[Data_Length] — payload encrypted with Random Key.

Generating AcraStruct

AcraWriter is used to generate AcraStruct, but the generation process is quite simple and can be implemented in any custom writer:

  • AcraWriter generates a key pair of throwaway keys using Themis EC key generator:
    Throwaway_Keypair = (Throwaway_Public_Key, Throwaway_Private_Key).
  • Generates Random Symmetric Key (RK), 32 bytes long.
  • Encrypts RK using Secure Message with Throwaway_Private_Key and Acra_Public_Key (or Zone key – see Zones):
    Encrypted_Random_Key = SMessage(RK, Throwaway_Private_Key, Acra_Public_Key).
  • Encrypts the payload with Secure Cell in Seal mode:
    Encrypted_Data = SCell(RK, payload).
  • Erases/fills with zeros memory area with the RK.
  • Calculates the encrypted payload length and transforms it to little endian 8 bytes long (Data_Length).
  • Connects attributes together as described in the original formula.
  • Erases/fills with zeros memory area with the Throwaway_Keypair and original payload.

You can check how AcraStruct is generated in acra-writer.go,, acrawriter.rb or acrawriter.php.

Decrypting AcraStruct

AcraServer, upon receiving and detecting valid AcraStruct, is able to:

  • Extract Throwaway Public Key (TPK).
  • Decrypt asymmetric envelope with TPK and Acra's Private Key (or Zone key).
  • Extract Random Key (RK) for Secure Cell container out of a decrypted envelope;
  • Decrypt Secure Cell, extract payload;
  • Reconstruct database answer in such a way that AcraStruct is replaced by decrypted data.

Check implementation in decryptor/base/utils.go.

Zone IDs

Although not directly related to AcraStructs, Zone IDs are used for matching Zones to keys. The current format is 8 bytes "begin tag" + 16 symbols a-zA-Z.

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