Themis: first hackathon (iOS and python server side transfer encrypted messages)
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This is example project for first Themis hackaton.


It contains:

  • iOS project that sends enrypted messages to server
  • python server that responds on those messages which works on OSX and Linux.


  1. Clone project.
  2. Follow guide from ios-project/ to build and run iOS project (xcode needed).
  3. Follow guide from server/ to run python server on your local machine (python needed).
  4. Send messages from iOS device and look how they appear inside db.

How it works?

Read more details (with pictures!) in our blog post.

You will find a report about hackathon itself, problems we faced and results we achieved.

Who we are?

We are engineers from Cossacklabs, authors of Themis (, great cross-platform secure messaging and data storage library.

Say hello to us: