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  1. Install Pods
  2. Run app, see that it's crashing on asserts. This is fine :)
  3. Open AppDelegate and select example to start: SecureMessage or SecureSession. Just uncomment one of the modes.


SecureSession mode

Let's assume you want to play with SecureSession.

  1. Open SSessionClient.m file.

Client key generation

  1. Find these lines:
// ---------------------- KEY GENERATION ---------------------------------------
//    // uncomment to re-generate keys
//    [self generateClientKeys];
//    return;
// ---------------------- END KEY GENERATION -----------------------------------
  1. Uncomment key generation and run example. You should see output in console, like this:
 ------------ running SSession Client example 
client private key "UkVDMgAAAC0lV2hOAKFJZyAOLFkzavGzxP8v0Byrs9r5N4u1rm4qYSTLqf+2";
client public key "VUVDMgAAAC1hdEZpAlxrxhaWHW23X9ILnXgeZRNHRJ2lt/w4e4tdzablr/WS";
  1. Copy keys to text file :)
  2. Comment key generation lines ([self generateClientKeys]) function, we don't need them anymore.
  3. Find client keys constants in code and paste generated keys, like this:
static NSString * kClientPrivateKey = @"UkVDMgAAAC0lV2hOAKFJZyAOLFkzavGzxP8v0Byrs9r5N4u1rm4qYSTLqf+2"
static NSString * kClientPublicKey = @"VUVDMgAAAC1hdEZpAlxrxhaWHW23X9ILnXgeZRNHRJ2lt/w4e4tdzablr/WS"

Server key generation

The idea is to let server know client public key, and let client know server id and public key.

  1. Open https://themis.cossacklabs.com/interactive-simulator/setup/
  • Copy User ID from server interface to kUserId in code.
  • Copy Server ID from server interface to kServerId in code.
  • Copy Server Key from server interface to kServerPublicKey in code.
  • Paste kClientPublicKey to Client public key in server interface.

sever dashboard

Code will look like this:

static NSString * kUserId = @"gUOosYEgpqbGXJf";
static NSString * kServerId = @"shfVaKYXvlbAMoD";
static NSString * kServerPublicKey = @"VUVDMgAAAC2TKF6QAyMjQXtKmAAfNOSeW6D1BeXKx6XIX8bWFG3Tfjo74ldm";

static NSString * kClientPrivateKey = @"UkVDMgAAAC0lV2hOAKFJZyAOLFkzavGzxP8v0Byrs9r5N4u1rm4qYSTLqf+2"
static NSString * kClientPublicKey = @"VUVDMgAAAC1hdEZpAlxrxhaWHW23X9ILnXgeZRNHRJ2lt/w4e4tdzablr/WS"

Start all the things!

  1. Start server in SecureSession mode (press corresponded button).
  2. Run app on SecureSession mode.
  • don't forget to uncomment SecureSession mode in AppDelegate
  • don't forget to comment out key generation
  1. Enjoy

Secure Message mode

Do the same steps as described above, but for SMessageClient.m file :) Run server in Secure Message mode.

Read more!

Read How Themis Server Simulator works: https://github.com/cossacklabs/themis/wiki/Using-Themis-Server