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Xcipion is a project to create pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics models. It is opensource and it can be freely downloaded and used. It strongly builds upon the concepts of traceability and reproducibility such that analysis can be fully traced (you can know exactly how you have analyzed your data without extensive book keeping) and reproduced (after 1 year you can exactly have the same results).

This project is developed by the company Kinestat Pharma

Terms of use

The use of Xcipion is free, and it cannot be redistributed at any cost. The source code is open and you are free (and invited) to contribute to it.

You may install Xcipion in any Linux computer from the source code, or if you prefer, use any of the virtual machines with Xcipion installed (open with VirtualBox, Linux Mint 32 bits, Linux Mint 64 bits; these machines are currently (July 8th, 2017) outdated, still you may use them and then upgrade the Xcipion software to the latest stable release)).


The developers of Xcipion decline any responsibility for any calculation error or execution error of Xcipion. We try to keep the software as up-to-date, precise and broadly applicable as possible. We appreciate feedback on the use of the software and we are committed to fix any error in the calculations. But the user must verify any result taken from Xcipion.