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It turned out that the functionality of this module had been integrated into mgnl 5.5.6 which I wasn't aware off. Therefore I'm NOT continuing this fork. However I won't delete it immediately as the dependency fix might be helpful for installations using prior versoins.

Differences to the original project

  • Changed groupId from org.mgnlconfig to com.kasisoft.mgnl to prevent confusion (just in case the original project gets revitalized)
  • Dropped the parent pom (info.magnolia.maven.poms-forge:magnolia-parent-pom-forge:31) so I can deploy this artifact maven central
  • Using maven-dependency-plugin and maven-enforcer-plugin to create a more concise classpath

Description (old)

The module provides a new configuration source which replaces or complements the Yaml config source and allows the developers to do the following:

  • extend Yaml files with possibility to decorate properties and sub-elements
  • extend JCR nodes
  • extend any definition from any registry
  • use special instructions like !override and !exclude
  • use currently available !include annotation for compatibility