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v0.5.6. Add Enumerable capability to ReaderStateQueries.
v0.5.5. Fixed crash in MRI 1.9.3.
v0.5.4. Fixed ReaderStateQuery to work when the status has bits not defined in the PCSC header.
v0.5.3. Fixed buggy protocol number decoding logic.
v0.5.2. Added 'thread' require to fix crashes on new Rubygems versions.
v0.5.1. Work around drivers that don't honor PROTOCOL_ANY.
v0.5.0. Dropped C extension in favor of FFI. Hello, jruby and rbx!
v0.4.11. Support for GlobalPlatform's SC01 (Secure Channel 1) protocol.
v0.4.10. Removed hardcoded card manager AID.
v0.4.9. Disabled Nagle's algorithm in the remote JCOP transport.
v0.4.8. Gem dependencies.
v0.4.7. Custom exception class for APDU responses with error codes.
v0.4.6. Automatic detection of package AID from CAP in install_applet.
v0.4.5. More bugfixes in JcopRemoteTransport's ATR forwarding logic.
v0.4.4. Bugfixes in JcopRemoteTransport's ATR forwarding logic.
v0.4.3. Fixed gem manifest to state dependency on rubyzip.
v0.4.2. GlobalPlatform applet instalation.
v0.4.1. Workaround ATR resend bug in JCOP simulator 3.2.7.
v0.4.0. High-level functionality for ISO7816 cards.
v0.3.2. Fixed documentation for ReaderStates class.
v0.3.1. Fixed documentation for the new PcscException class.
v0.3.0. Added PcscException class used to wrap PC/SC exceptions.
v0.2.3. Fixed minor bug in error string for PCSC::Card.transmit
v0.2.2. Fixed APDU exchange bugs on Windows
Restructured PCSC::IoRequest to allow PCI_ consts
Added PCI_ consts
Changed test suite to reflect proper way to do transmits
v0.2.1. Added OSX Tiger support
Many workarounds for Tiger's buggy/incomplete PC/SC.
Small bugfixes for PC/SC status constants.
v0.2.0. Added automatic builds
Rakefile for auto builds using echoe
extconf.rb: hack to fix Windows makefiles
v0.1.2. Added Windows compatibility
*.c: restructured code so VC2005 likes it
(variable declarations before function body)
docs: license, readme, and what the gem is
v0.1.1. Added support for Ubuntu 7.10
ext/smartcard_pcsc/extconf.rb: better header
v0.1.0. Initial release for OSX Leopard