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Full changelog for the costs to expect REST API.

2019-10-14 - v1.04.3

  • Catch routing error, incorrectly return a 200.
  • Corrected link to API from landing page.
  • Added link to CHANGELOG on landing page.
  • Added latest release and version number to landing page.
  • Minor change to README.

2019-10-11 - v1.04.2

  • Added a /changlog route, parses and displays
  • Added a landing page, links to the root of the API and GitHub.
  • Simplify generating a basic OPTIONS request.
  • Added Utility\Request helper class.
  • Added Utility\Pagination helper class.
  • Added Utility\General helper class.

2019-10-08 - v1.04.1

  • Corrected routes displayed in root of API.
  • Split Hashids middleware, now ConvertGetParameters and ConvertRouteParameters.
  • Added App\Http\Parameters\Get class to validate GET parameters, moved code from base controller.
  • Added App\Http\Parameters\Route\Validate and child classes to validator route parameters.
  • Updated controllers to use new App\Http\Parameters* classes.
  • Minor bug fix, booleans not being checked correctly.

2019-09-25 - v1.04.0

  • GET parameters are now validated, invalid values are silently removed.
  • Added sub category parameter to /resource_types/{resource_type_id}/resources/{resource_id}/items.
  • Minor refactoring.

2018-09-23 - v1.03.1

  • Added helper method to base controller to easily set usable GET parameters for collections.
  • Updated the methods/logic for setting allowed values for GET parameters, it is capable of setting more than just the allowed values so all references have been updated to reflect intended usage.
  • Updated the methods/logic for setting allowed values for POST parameters, it is capable of setting more than just the allowed values so all references have been updated to reflect intended usage.

2018-09-22 - v1.03.0

  • Added ability to set GET parameters in OPTIONS requests.
  • Added year parameter to /resource_types/{resource_type_id}/resources/{resource_id}/items.
  • Added month parameter to /resource_types/{resource_type_id}/resources/{resource_id}/items.
  • Added category parameter to /resource_types/{resource_type_id}/resources/{resource_id}/items.
  • ConvertHashIds middleware now automatically converts query params.
  • /resource_types/{resource_type_id}/resources/{resource_id}/items route total count not using resource type and resources ids.
  • Parameters not being passed through to pagination links.
  • Pagination links incorrect URIs.

2018-09-21 - v1.02.0

  • Added a summary/years route for a resource.
  • Added a summary/years/{year} route for a resource.
  • Added a summary/years/{year}/month route for a resource.
  • Added a summary/years/{year}/month/{month} route for a resource.
  • Override exceptions, always return json.

2018-09-19 - v1.01.1

  • Correct sub category queries, joins incorrect.

2018-09-10 - v1.01.0

  • Minor updates to config files.
  • Categories and sub categories end points now returns results in alphabetical order.
  • Added four summary routes for a resource, categories collection, category, sub categories collection and sub category.
  • Code style updates.

2018-09-07 - v1.00.0 (Official release)

  • Added summary/tco route for a resource.
  • Added planned development section to README.
  • Summary route section to README.
  • Added URL for live site to README.
  • Modified the prefix for routes, simplify to v1, my will be hosted on an api sub domain.
  • Set default values in env.example.
  • Disable register route.
  • Updated README, routes layout.
  • Added web.config for Azure.
  • Log requests to the API, GET and OPTIONS only.
  • Added include_sub_categories GET param for categories collection and single show.
  • Collections return data showing newest first.
  • OPTIONS requests no longer shows PATCH request fields, not yet implemented.
  • Show action/Options show action will return resource not found for invalid final ids.
  • GET Parameters can now be set for collections and items.
  • Other minor fixes and updates.

2018-08-08 - v1.00.0 (pre release)

  • API feature complete for release, not being released yet, real life in the way.
  • Added initial pagination to item controller.
  • Added Hash utility class to centralise all the encoding and decoding.
  • Added Http/Route/Validator classes to validate route params in controllers.
  • Reworked relationship for item sub category and relevant controller updates.
  • Added delete end points.
  • All route params are validated for each request.
  • Updated ConvertHashIds middleware, returns 'nill' for values which can't be decoded, useful for later checks.
  • Updated OPTIONS requests, added required Yes/No flags.
  • Added ability to define allowed values for fields.
  • Updated validation errors, now the same format as OPTIONS requests and shows allowed values if defined.
  • Removed response envelopes.
  • Non-2xx responses more consistent.
  • Added a responses section to the README that details the expected responses and formats.
  • Reworked the id hashing, added middleware and slightly improved encoding although I need to DRY the code, looking at you, transformers, validators and base controller.
  • Moved API config files into a sub folder to separate them from Laravel.
  • Added a version config, for post release, includes the api prefix.
  • Redirect client if they request /.
  • Reworked the validation helpers.
  • Added initial get parameters code.
  • Added validation helpers.
  • Added model transformers.
  • Added migrations and models.
  • Added initial pagination HEADERS.
  • Moved definition of field, validation rules, validation message etc. into config/routes.
  • Added generic code to create OPTIONS requests
  • Mocked the Category, Sub Category, Resource type, Resource and Item controllers.
  • Added Passport.
  • Initial setup, git housekeeping etc.