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Version history

Full changelog for the costs to expect web app.

2018-10-14 - v1.02.2

  • Fixed day formatting, no longer display a leading zero on the day.
  • Added post support to new Api helper class.
  • Added delete support to new Api helper class.
  • Added two sub categories, Friend Birthday and Leisure.

2018-10-13 - v1.02.1

  • Added an Api helper class to handle GET requests to the API.
  • Split up the Index controller, actions grouped accordingly.

2018-09-30 - v1.02.0

  • Added a version history within the app, parses CHANGELOG.
  • Added link to personal site.
  • Summary tables updated, all now include a link to a filtered list.
  • Added an /expenses view, allows filtering by year, month, category and sub category, no UI yet for filtering the list or pagination.

2018-09-21 - v1.01.0

  • Added years and months summary views.
  • Updated the layout of titles.

2018-09-20 - v1.00.0

Initial release of the Web app for the Costs to Expect API, allows expenses to be added and includes a couple of views to return the data, as more features are added to the API the web app will be updated to use them.