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Costs to Expect - Web app


What does it cost to raise a child in the UK?

Costs to Expect is a long-term project, my wife and I are tracking the expenses to raise our child to adulthood, 18.


There are two core reasons as to why I/we are doing this. I love data, and over the last twenty years, it appears to have become accepted knowledge that it costs £250k to raise a child in the UK.

If you think about the number, it becomes apparent quickly that it can't be right, on average over £10k a year?

The Costs to Expect API will show the costs to raise my child; obviously, every family is different, these costs only relate to my family, more details will appear on as the site develops.

Web app

This Web app is a prototype for the iOS I am planning to develop, it isn't public, yet, the iOS app will have public and private features.

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