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stupid ruby script to generate a list of publications in YAML, with CSL customisation for the most important substrings.
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the stupid assistant for displaying bibliographies

Usage: pubdomo [options] file.bib
        --sort [TYPE]                Sort output by year/keywords/project/subject.
        --asc                        Sort in ascending order.
        --pubs DIR                   pubs directory (Default: ./pubs).
        --styles DIR                 CSL styles directory (Default: ./styles).
        --bibs DIR                   .bib files directory (Default: ./bibs).
        --splitbib                   Generate per-pub bib file (Dest: --bibs).
        --nodowncase                 Do not downcase keywords.
        --keywords key1,key2,keyN    Only show certain keywords in the specified order.
        --html                       Embed HTML in the generated entries.
    -h, --help                       Display this screen

main purpose

To take a list of publications (in BibTeX format), and thanks to bibtex-ruby and citeproc-ruby, display the bibliography in YAML, ready to be fed to a YAML-hungry display tool, such as jekyll.


  • Ruby
  • bibtex-ruby
  • citeproc-ruby (which needs Ruby >= v1.9.2)



    author = "Keren Bergman and Luca P. Carloni",
    title = "On-Chip Photonic Communication for High-Performance Multi-Core Processors",
    month = sep,
    year = 2007,
    booktitle = "Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Workshop on High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC)",
    editor = {},
    pages = {},
    address = {Lexington, MA},
    publisher = {},
    note = {(Best paper award)},
    keywords = {networks-on-chip, photonics, optical communication},
    affiliation = {Columbia},
    entered = {Luca Carloni, 6/9/07}


[ omitting submenu and some bells and whistles ]
    - entry:
      authors: "Keren Bergman and Luca P. Carloni"
      title: "On-Chip Photonic Communication for High-Performance Multi-Core Processors"
      venue: "in Proceedings of the Eleventh Annual Workshop on High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC)"
      details: "2007"
      year: 2007
      month: sep
      mon: 9
      keywords: networks-on-chip, photonics, optical communication
      note: (Best paper award)
      pdf: bergman_hpec07.pdf
      bib: bergman_hpec07.bib

NB. Of course $pubs/bergman_hpec07.pdf must previously exist; $bibs/bergman_hpec07.bib is generated with the --splitbib option.

For a full example, see here.


Apart from the explicit sorting, second-level sorting is done by publication date in descending order (more recent first)--in case two publications have the same year/month, no guarantees wrt their ordering are provided. If the month of a publication is not filled out in the BibTeX file, the publication gets assigned month "0", ie it gets shown last (within its year's publications).


The trick is to use CSL styles to generate each of the subfields (authors, title, venue and details), one separate file for each of them.

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