Additional Syntax Styles

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The lists for the syntax styles that were made by users or CotEditor Project members to install additionally.

Feel free to add your custom syntax styles for CotEditor to this list, if you release yours.

Modern Syntax Styles

Followings are ready for CotEditor 2.0 and able to use only with CotEditor 2.0 or higher. The modern syntax style is implemented first on CotEditor 2.0 and written in YAML format.

Package Style Names Author URL
Cocoa Developer Set Xcode Project
Scripting Definition
Crash Log
1024jp GitHub
Cache Manifest
1024jp GitHub
gnuplot gnuplot 1024jp GitHub
ImageJ ImageJ Macro 1024jp GitHub
Re:VIEW ReVIEW kmuto GitHub
Map Script Japan Minecraft PvP Map Script GALAXYCOMET web
Sen Script SenScript CupCarbon web
AsciiDoc AsciiDoc usami-k GitHub
FileMaker FileMaker frudens GitHub

Legacy Syntax Styles

Followings can be installed both to CotEditor 1.x and 2.x. However, the features that were implemented on CotEditor 2.0 might not be supported. The legacy syntax style is the format which is used on CotEditor 1.x and written in plist. CotEditor 2.0 translates it into modern syntax style (YAML) on importing.

Package Style Names Author URL
peg4d-java PEG Y--Tamura GitHub
yabuchany blog
ActionScript 3.0 ActionScript3.0 n-karasu blog
MakeWeb makeweb n-karasu blog
ECMAScript ECMAScript hanaden web
Ferite Ferite hanaden web
Gawk Gawk hanaden web
Gsed Gsed hanaden web
HyperCard HyperCard hanaden web
Icon Icon hanaden web
Pascal Pascal hanaden web
Tcl/Tk TclTk hanaden web
Z-Shell Z-Shell hanaden web
Sass SASS sivacchi web
ExtendScript ExtendScript ten blog
MXML MXML ten blog
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