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Chirpy Jekyll Theme

A minimal, responsive and feature-rich Jekyll theme for technical writing.

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Devices Mockup


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  • Dark / Light Theme Mode
  • Localized UI language
  • Pinned Posts
  • Hierarchical Categories
  • Trending Tags
  • Table of Contents
  • Last Modified Date of Posts
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Mathematical Expressions
  • Mermaid Diagram & Flowchart
  • Dark / Light Mode Images
  • Embed Videos
  • Disqus / Utterances / Giscus Comments
  • Search
  • Atom Feeds
  • Google Analytics
  • Page Views Reporting
  • SEO & Performance Optimization


To explore usage, development, and upgrade guide of the project, please refer to the Wiki.


Welcome to report bugs, help improve the code or submit new features. For more information, please see the "Contributing Guidelines".


This theme is mainly built with Jekyll ecosystem, Bootstrap, Font Awesome and some other wonderful tools. The avatar and favicon design come from Clipart Max.

Thanks to all the contributors. Also, folks who submitted issues or unmerged PRs should not be forgotten. Because they reported bugs, shared ideas, or inspired me to write more readable documentation.

Last but not least, thanks to JetBrains for providing the Open Source Development license.


If you'd like to sponsor this project, the following options are available.

Ko-fi Wechat Pay Alipay


This work is published under MIT License.