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what's next for d.o
drupalcon 2012
update on the past year:
git migration, subscribe button, api change notices
wisywig editing, image uploading
issue summaries
docs team, make it obvious that you (yes you) should edit
distribution tools on d.o, now have lots distributions
api.d.o has oo support, hook-awareness, theme-awareness
views is hosted on a.d.o dev sandbox (hack on a personal version of d.o)
plan for this year:
"I have no idea of what I'm doing."
initiatives: improve d.o for site builders and developers (and sponsors too)
What does it mean?
lots ov interviews, conversations with hackers and infrastructure folks, community voting
common trends:
there are critical things that we clearly need to do, but the initiative's stalled out.
community-driven initiatives aren't getting consitent attention, resulting in gnarly burnout
"we're a community of developers who can't change out effing website."
d.o's bus factor was really bad. nobody understood the whole thing
some of them felt passionate, but some are sticking around out of oblication
d.o *needs* to be on d7, and the da (drupal assocation) needs to lead it.
"your own effing website doesn't use drupal 7"
the plan for htenext 3 months:
build a full-time d.o team on:
big scary stuff that only ythe da can do
d7 upgrade, project ratings
high-impact low-hanging fruit
bluecheese on g.d.o
reviewing/deplying community-driven initiatives
make a.d.o better, case studies section
needed: Write Everything Down
need to grow the team by 2013
e.g. devops, ux lead
in addition to current people
(sb = site builder, d = devlopers, s =sponsors)
big goals (q2, q3)
project ratings/reviews (for site builders)
how do you know which module to use? without this, you have to just know.
port d.o to d7 (d)
want to use everyday modern drupal tools on d.o,
make contributing to drupal via d.o eaiser
small things (weekly)
better case studies (sb)
improved events listing on d.o (sb)
backlink commits in issues (d)
"follow" ux improvements (d)
who's following this issue?
better hosting page (s)
better marketplace (s)
better job board (s)
community things (mid-sized project, people want but it's not on fire)
curated docs (sb)
better support section (sb)
a.d.o improvements (d)
better case studies (s)
better books listing (s)
project application process automation (d)
certain parts of d.o will be monetized
e.g. featured distributions, sponsored job listings
this doesn't mean weight-loss ads in the issue queue
q1: bootstrap team, quick wins, set up community process
q2: d.o/d7 sprint, med-term wins, incorporate community improvements
q3: complete d.o/d7, project ratings/reviews, rework community priorities, comm. improvements
q4: new staff, new feature dev, comm improvements
We want you.
drop by d.o office hours - dedicated time on irc, someone will be there, ask questions
see the hit list for the week
q1: iwbn to have a visionary d.o owner
yes, but we need to take time getting there and figuring out how it should work
this must be full-time, it's on the roadmap, da needs to build its credibility and chops first
q2: drupal-related information can be really hard to find by browsing aroud d.o. new conversations are hidden except through 3rd part channesl twitter, fb, etc) Want to be able to follow all of a person's activity, no matter where.
g.d.o topic pages tries to address this. seems to be a wip
this kind of thing needs to wait until d7/d.o, but very yes it's needed
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