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pci compliance, drupalcon denver 2012
speaker is matt, senior dude at lullabot
he's not a lawyer, qsa or anything official
document: payment card industry data security standard ("PCI")
turns out that this is highly detailed
PCI affects the whole org
no relation to pa-dss
if you're charging, transmitting, or storing cc data, you need to undestand this.
even if you don't process that many cards, it matters.
most breaches are against small business, often (30%) from external attacks
cc provider is liable if you're pci-compliant
there are 12 requirements (dirty dozen)
req1: install/maintain firewall configured to protect cardholder data
needs to be stateful, documented
req2: no default passwords or secuirty settings
req3: protect stored cardholder data
covers what to store and what not to
req4: encrypt tx o cc data over public network
req5: use an anti-virus and keep it up-to-date (probably not relevant to linux)
req6: develop/maint secure systems and applications (?)_
req7: cc data is exposed need-to-know only
req8: unique id for everyone who can get into the system
req9: restrict physical access to cc data
req10: track/montior all netowkr access and cc data access
req11: regularly test systems and processes
req12: maintain policies
big idea:
don't store cc data if you don't really have to
never store pin, ccv2, full track data, etc
only ever display first 6 or last 4 digits of cc number
document everything.
get things from writing from vendors and service providers
if they're non-compliant, you're non-compliant
it's a continuous process
you care about saq tests: saq-a, saq-c, saq-d
saq-a - outsource all cc processing, i.e. you don't store anything (e.g. paypal)
this is what you'd use when you get a token from the payment processor
saq-c - standard ecommerce, cc goes through your server but you don't store it
saq-d - "other", storing sensitive data, 225 question, full meal deal
avoid this one if you can. it's expensive and time-intensive
merchant levels: 1-4.
each merchant has slightly different reqs
you're at max(level_m1, level_m2, ...)
>6m transactions (per type)
must be fulfilled by qsa (qualified security assesor)
previous data breach (ow)
1-6m tx per type
mastercard says qsa must do saq
quartlerly scans
must complete saq
your payment processor (acquirer) has the final say.
So, there's this drupal thing.
you need to treat it like 100% your own code.
get very familiar with req6
need to be very familiar with your payment processing code
there are dragons:
don't do it wrong:
make sure that cc data doesn't end up in form chache
unencrypted cc data in the db is Very Bad (even if someone else does it)
don't let cc data get into the $_SESSION and end up in the db
session hijacking (mixed http/https)
securepages module poage has a good link about this
pci scanning bot doesn't like login form name autocomplete, real simple fix
general stuff (xss, sql injection, csrf)
subscribe to security advisories
don't freak out; have a plan - download/read the standard
read "navigating pci dss" and "glossary terms, abbreviations and acronyms"
next: "the prioritized approach to pursue pci dss compliance"