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add the questions I felt like capturing

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@@ -89,3 +89,15 @@ views_plugin_arg_validate - what should the arg look like
review: docs, oo hierarchy, example of views_linkarea, what classes are analogous to whcih config options
+q1: how to use remote data
+ extend views_plugin_query, likely someone's already done it
+ entity-layer would mean duplicating data
+q2: what happens when hook_views_api specifies 3.0-alpha1 and you're on 3.0
+ a: idk. check the docs. probably something sane
+q3: view can have multiple handlers, but must have exactly one plugin
+ handler for dispalying data, plugin for gettting it
+q4: how to migrate from 6 to 7
+ d7 only has views3, need to upgrade in d6, probably need to manually rebuild

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