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* @file
* Hooks provided by Services for the definition of authentication plugins.
* @addtogroup hooks
* @{
* Supplies information about a given authentication method to Services.
* @return
* An associative array with information about the authentication method
* and its callbacks. The possible keys are as follows (all keys are
* optional unless noted).
* - title (required): The display name for this authentication method.
* - description (required): Longer text describing this authentciation
* method.
* - authenticate_call (required): The name of a function to be called
* to perform the actual authentication. <details of params/return>
* - security_settings: A callback function which returns an associative
* array of Form API elements for a settings form.
* - _services_oauth_security_settings_validate: The name of a standard form
* validation callback for the form defined in 'security_settings'.
* - _services_oauth_security_settings_submit: The name of a standard form
* submit callback for the form defined in 'security_settings'.
* - alter_methods: The name of a callback function which will alter a
* services method signature in order to add required arguments.
* - file: An include file which contains the authentication callbacks.
function hook_services_authentication_info() {
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