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Pinta AMF debugger
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AMF service test and debug utility

AMF debugging made easy

Pinta is a utility that allows a developer to make custom AMF service calls, and view detailed output. The developer can use this utility to test services without having to develop a client application. Automatic service discovery can be used to detect available services (currently only for AMFPHP), and they can be defined manually.


  • Tree, text and debug view on call results
  • AMFPHP auto service discovery support
  • Cross-platform Adobe AIR application
  • JSON notation for sending Object parameters


  • Install the Adobe AIR runtime environment from
  • Download the latest Pinta version on the right
  • Open the downloaded installer. Magic will happen.


  • Create a connection profile by specifying a gateway (endpoint) URL and name
  • Specify service names and methods in them, or use the auto-discovery feature if the server is using AMFPHP and has the service browser installed (which is default)
  • Make calls to methods in the lower panel and observe the output
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