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Oleg Moskalenko <> :
General design and implementation
Gabor Kovesdan, :
FreeBSD packaging
(since v1.5.2.6);
Daniel Pocock, :
Debian packaging
(since v1.8.3.6);
John Selbie ( :
Stuntman interoperability, RFC5780 fixes
MS Windows port work
(since v1.8.3.6);
Lee Sylvester <> :
Status and statistics - ideas and pilot implementation
(since v1.8.4.0);
Erik Johnston <> :
Access Control Lists, 2013
(since v1.8.5.0);
Roman Lisagor <> :
Testing, code optimization
(since v1.8.6.0);
Vladimir Tsanev <> :
configure script and Makefile fixes,
Arch Linux port
(since v1.8.6.1);
Po-sheng Lin <> :
Libevent dependencies cleaning
(since v2.0.1.1);
Peter Dunkley <> :
CentOS/Fedora port
(since v2.6.6.1)
Mutsutoshi Yoshimoto <> :
TCP routing: testing and bug fixes
(since v3.2.2.7)
Federico Pinna <> :
MongoDB support
(since v4.1.0.1)
Bradley T. Hughes <> :
FreeBSD port
(since v4.1.2.1)
Mészáros Mihály <> :
OAuth utility, NAT behavior Discovery
(since v4.5.0.4)
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