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1) If your system supports automatic start-up system daemon services,
then to enable the turnserver as a system service that is automatically
started, you have to:
a) Create and edit /etc/turnserver.conf or
/usr/local/etc/turnserver.conf .
Use /usr/local/etc/turnserver.conf.default as an example.
b) For user accounts settings: set up SQLite or PostgreSQL or
MySQL or MongoDB or Redis database for user accounts.
Use /usr/local/share/turnserver/schema.sql as SQL database schema,
or use /usr/local/share/turnserver/schema.userdb.redis as Redis
database schema description and/or
as Redis status & statistics database schema description.
If you are using SQLite, the default database location is in
/var/db/turndb or in /usr/local/var/db/turndb or in /var/lib/turn/turndb.
c) add whatever is necessary to enable start-up daemon for the
2) If you do not want the turnserver to be a system service,
then you can start/stop it "manually", using the "turnserver"
executable with appropriate options (see the documentation).
3) To create database schema, use schema in file
4) For additional information, run:
$ man turnserver
$ man turnadmin
$ man turnutils