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Latest official recommended version -

  • Misc security and functionality improvements. Version Downloads (full source and platform builds)

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Debian package

FreeBSD port

Extra Docs

Older versions

  • Typos in the text fixed.
  • TLS1.2 support fixed.
  • uclient minor performance tweak.
  • Issue #113 (BoringSSL compatibility) fixed (by David Benjamin).

  • Typos in the text fixed.
  • LibreSSL compatibility fixed.
  • "read_timeout" option support for MySQL.
  • new NAT behavior discovery utilty.
  • new OAuth access_token encrypt/decrypt utilty.
  • improved configurability: added parameters for allocate, channel and permission lifetimes (by Richard Garnier).


  • OpenSSL 1.1.0 support added.
  • CentOS 7 installation updated.
  • hiredis and mongo compilation configuration fixed (fix provided by Harsha Bellur).
  • RPM: Systemd optimization.
  • REST API option fixed.
  • Thread creation error handling fixed.
  • Issue #36 fixed.


  • SSLv3 support removed. That provides extra security and compatibility with OpenSSL distributions or clones that do not support SSLv3 (like LibreSSL 2.3.0). This fix is required for fresh FreeBSD and for Debian unstable.
  • Compilation and configuration cleaning.
  • Fix for non-interactive shells.
  • RPM: Fixed mongo-c-driver include path (by Sergey Safarov).
  • RPM: Fixed startup daemon as non root user (by Sergey Safarov).
  • RPM: Systemd optimized for high-volume network traffic (by Sergey Safarov).


  • DTLS segmentation fault fixed.


  • multiple realms based on oAuth (third-party authorization);
  • STUN attributes conflict resolution;
  • SIGHUP handler fixed;
  • error message logging improved;
  • mongo test db files fixed.


  • migrated to github.


  • third-party authorization STUN attributes adjusted according to the values assigned by IANA;
  • SQL injection security hole fixed; reported by Alex Inführ and Mario Heiderich from Cure53 (
  • Amazon EC2 AMI security strengthened.


  • dual allocation adjusted according to the new TURN-bis draft;
  • options sha256, sha384, sha512 retired as non-standard;
  • third-party authorization (oAuth) updated according to the version 16 of the draft;
  • C++ compilation fixes;
  • cosmetic fixes;
  • fixed binary package for CentOS 7.1;
  • support for older SQLite versions added;
  • compilation support for older CentOS release 5.x added;
  • Issue 11 fixed;
  • Issue 12 fixed.



  • 'native' SCTP support (experimental);
  • option of encrypted stored passwords for web admin users;
  • option of encrypted stored password for CLI user;


  • bandwidth control fixed;
  • STUN/TURN control traffic counted separately from data traffic, for the sake of the bandwidth control;
  • higher bandwidth limit capacity on 64 bits systems;
  • redis operations with the realm options fixed;


  • admin_user SQLite table schema fixed;
  • REST API docs fixed;
  • Amazon AWS uses syslog;


  • (HMAC-)SHA-512 and -384 algorithms added;
  • TOS (DiffServer) and TTL IP header field handling fixed (Issue 9 fixed);
  • updates according to the new third-party-auth draft (oauth);
  • peer logging added.


  • TURN-bis draft experimental implementation;
  • TRANSPORT attribute handling fixed;
  • hostname-to-IP-address resolution fix;
  • updates for Solaris (name resolution libraries);


  • HTTPS web admin server;
  • SSLv2 support cancelled (security concern fixed);
  • The server-side short-term credentials mechanism support cancelled;
  • OpenSSL 1.1.0 supported;
  • Shared secrets fixed in MongoDB: multiple secrets per realm allowed;
  • Shared secrets admin fixed in Redis;


  • multiple authentication threads;
  • database code cleaned;


  • Redis read message queue bug fixed;
  • STUN/TURN ALPN supported (when compiled with OpenSSL 1.0.2+ );
  • DTLS v1.2 supported (when compiled with OpenSSL 1.0.2+ );
  • Auto optimal ECDH parameters (when compiled with OpenSSL 1.0.2+ );
  • TLS/DTLS code cleaning.


  • Reliability fixes (Issue 141 from rfc5766-turn-server).
  • HTTP/HTTPS echo fixed.
  • External address mapping fixes for Amazon EC2.
  • Minor docs improvements.


  • SQLite supported as the default user database.
  • Support of the flat-file user database removed (no longer supported).
  • TLS connection procedure improved in uclient test program.
  • CentOS 6.5 binary build in the downloads section upgraded to CentOS 6.6.
  • We do not provide 32-bits binary download images since this release. We do support the 32-bits platforms, but you either have to compile it yourself, or you have to use the Coturn package that is packed with your OS (if available).


  • Request re-transmission implemented in uclient test program.
  • TLS connection procedure improved in uclient test program.


  • Black- and white- IP lists are divided per realm (the DB schema for those two tables changed);
  • Updated Redis database schema.
  • Debian UFW file added (Issue 1 fixed).
  • TCP/TLS tests extended.
  • Relay RTCP sockets ports allocation fixed.
  • List of libraries cleaned.
  • SSL renegotiation callback fixed.


  • oAuth security experimental implementation;
  • The "TLS renegotiation" DoS attack prevention implemented;
  • FQDN as relay-ip and listener-ip parameters (issue 6) (patch provided by Iñaki Baz Castillo);
  • redis user key operation fixed.
  • redis, mysql and psql db operations fixed.
  • SHA-256 memory leak fixed.
  • Mobility ticket retransmission fixed.
  • Move debian package from SVN to GIT.
  • Move secondary download area to
  • Quota allocation fixed.
  • Core dump fixed.
  • Bandwidth allocation fixed.
  • Memory code cleaning.
  • Logging fixed.


  • The origin attribute is verified in the subsequent session messages (server flag --check-origin-consistency).
  • MySQL SSL connection support.
  • Crash fixed when the DB connection string is incorrect.
  • Minor docs fixes.


  • Forceful server-side session cancellation implemented (in telnet console).


  • SSODA (double allocation) draft support added.
  • DB "driver" abstraction and MongoDB support (by Federico Pinna).
  • multiple origins supported per request.
  • "allocation mismatch" condition fixed (merged from rfc5766-turn-server).
  • STUN BINDING response fixed in the case of -X (external address) option.
  • "pu" CLI command fixed.
  • session cleaning fixed in TCP relay functionality (RFC 6062).
  • some crash conditions fixed.
  • working on compilation warnings.


  • Redis DB connection status fixed (Issue 129).
  • SIGHUP for logfile reset implemented (Gustavo Garcia suggestion).
  • log reset command in CLI added.
  • Some error code corrections:
    1. "Mobility forbidden" error changed, to value 405.
    2. "Wrong credentials" situation is now treated as error 441.


  • Bandwidth draft implemented.
  • Issues 126, 127 and 128 fixes merged from rfc5766-turn-server.
  • Amazon EC2 image fixed (test db).


  • Channel management callbacks for the custom libraries.
  • Separate header file for the new spaces data.


  • Multi-tenant TURN server.


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